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Grab attention with these professional neon graphics and shades of pink blended in the great aroma. This business-driven striking presentation includes slides related to sales, marketing campaigns, services and pricing with a simple approach in gaining the audience’s attention.

Pink themes indicate the lovable, soothing, natural essence of nobility in the view. Endure and overcome any boredom during delivering your speech. Start editing right now by adding mockups and maps too. Have fun editing!

business template with google slides theme

Main Features of this Business PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes: 

  1. Title Slide: you can put a catchy and attractive title here with a attractive background picture of the topic
  2. About Your Topic: this will help you explain the theme, suggestion or argument regarding a topic, make sure to add short points to it.
  3. Explain Your Topic: explain and interact with your viewers about a part of the discussion with the images as an additive element.
  4. Picture Slides: describe the topic by adding only images, visuals or process info-graphs.
  5. Differences Slides: give differential slides about your product (pros and cons)
  6. Images Differences: explain differences by adding up visuals.
  7. Table Comparison: Slides For Comparison by Table Styles (Differences slides)
  8. About Section: here you can add a thank you slide with your bio.
  9. Review Concept Slide: address the main points of your presentation.

This Template is actually a collection of useful slides you may need to build a modern and sleek looking Business or Corporate Presentation. I used Pink color with Bold Font and Images. 

Total Slides : 18
Compatibility : Google Slides, Office 365, PowerPoint 2007-2016
License Creative Commons Attribution

Free : Yes
Transitions : No
Size : 16:9
Win/Mac ready : yes

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