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Teamwork Problem Solving Google Slides Themes

Decoding Problem Infographics for Companies Google Slides

The idea of Problem-solving is the most crucial field for any startup to launch their business into the market, in fact, every company for example Tesla, SpaceX, Apple were launched for tackling the major problems from motor vehicles to space projects. The base template displays the importance of a highly skilled team to master the technology. This template would be very beneficial for engineers thinking of starting a startup.

Main Features of this Infographic Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides:

  1. Base SlideThere are two different Variant slides with awesome Graphics, shapes and customization text boxes.
  2. Project Name: Get started with the professional and editable icons, placeholders, and other elements to get started with your theme project.
  3. Explain Your Topic: explain the topic with short segments and reinforce the main concept by adding more slides.
  4. Themes: use the included dark theme for showcasing your key points, also the base colors can be easily changed via PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates.
  5. Aspect ratio: these slides are well presented and made in 16:9 format which is suitable for various official work.