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2013 - Domain business ppt design

Free Domain Business Presentation Templates

The outburst of need made all the business including shop-owners to open their store and advertise on the web, the basic thing of owning an online business requires Domain names. A domain name is a network authentication provided by the WWW to the one who controls the functioning of the company. Our website enables you to freely edit the presentation in PowerPoint and present your thoughts about the Domain Services and businesses selling domain names.

Domain names have dedicated servers connected to the Internet Service Provider(ISP) which downloads the data to the receivers desktop. You can easily differentiate using our free templates to easily differentiate between Top-Level Domains (TLDs), and country provided domains (ccTLDs). Some of the examples of domain include – .com, .net, .cn, .org, etc. Make sure to credit us using the footer option in Google slides and PowerPoint Templates.

Include short points about how to register your domain using websites like GoDaddy, LiquidWeb, BlueHost, etc. Also where to get the cheapest domain hosting, etc. Include them in your presentation and you are good to go!

Main Features of this PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes: 

  1. Title Slide: Main slide with a cool graphic and 3D element to launch your presentation.
  2. Project Name: Plain color design are very handy to make difficult topics easy to differentiate and draw focus on the mainstream project.
  3. Explain Your Topic: explain and interact with your viewers about a part of the discussion with the images as an additive element.
  4. Picture Slides: describe the topic by adding only images, visuals, or process info-graphs.
  5. Differences Slide: give differential slides about your product (pros and cons) and multi-paragraph for various uses.
  6. Thank You: A thankyou slide and team portfolio slide is also given to make sure to give credit to your colleagues.