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Equilibrium PowerPoint Template is specially Designed for Teachers so that they can help the students learn these concepts in a Playful & Enjoyable manner. According to many Scientists, it is believed that Equilibrium is a State at which all the Processes going on inside it is equal in both Forward as well as in Backward Direction. Depending upon nature it is divided into many types as you will study, Chemical Equilibrium is the state in which the concentrations of the reactants and products become equal and there will be no reaction to take place at next. The best Example of Equilibrium can be seen in the Boiling of water, For eg: At Equilibrium the Vapour Pressure of water becomes equal to the Atmospheric Pressure, thus the Boiling Of Water takes place. Equilibrium is Generally termed as the Rate at which Reaction takes place. An Understanding of them can help you perform many reactions in the Laboratory.

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