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One of the most Discussed & Deadliest issue to human life is “Global Warming” which is caused due to a sudden increase in the levels of Green House gases which includes SO2, CO2, etc. These are the major reason for the sudden hike in the temperature of the earth. Use this free Global Warming Powerpoint Template to aware people about the ill effects of the increased toxic gases in the environment. This results in the accumulation of toxic gases which causes difficulty in breathing. Free Google Slides help you to provide cute and awesome presentations for your ppt projects. To make Learning a Good Experience for the Students Presentations are very helpful. This PPT can be used by Schools, Colleges, etc.

This Powerpoint Template Can also be used for making Presentation on:

  • Earth’s Climate System & Climate Change in recent decades/century
  • Multiple effects of the Global warming on ecosystem through of Geological Periods
  • Ocean sea level & Temperatures rise by emissions of Greenhouse gases and CO2
  • To Create a Data Report on Climate Change Causes & Solutions
  • Future climate change effects like rising sea levels, Retreat of Glaciers, heat waves, Droughts, wildfires, heavy snowfalls & tropical cyclones.
  • Long term effects of climate change
  • Biosphere, What is Global Warming? & More

    You can show amount of warming varying by region or globally.

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Global Warming Presentation 1

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