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15 PowerPoint Tips to Frame Catchy Presentations [Explained]

PowerPoint Tips: Do you wanna know exactly what things govern an extraordinary presentation. Here are some of the PowerPoint Tips which you can include and see the difference.

Question- Why are you making presentations?

It’s simple because your viewers want to know “exactly” what you are saying and more importantly they don’t have time reading through long paragraphs in your presentation.

That’s why you need a cracking & mind blowing PowerPoint Tips to create a few of ’em.

presentation-tips-for catchy-slides

They just want your presentations to be clear and to the “point”.

In this article, I will help you in mastering the skills for making Professional powerpoint presentations with 15 master PowerPoint Tips which are simple and show great and easy workflow.

Expertise means your presentation should go with a nice flaw and that it doesn’t seem to be dull in any way.

Using great quality of visuals, themes within your slides will help you gain the support and can help in overcoming the lack of confidence while explaining your topic.


Successful speech and Presentation depends upon three main points,

  1. your presentation’s theme, and colors
  2. ease of reading,
  3. command on the tools.

These are the commanding features of PowerPoint Tips.

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These PowerPoint Tips will make you perfect in creating presentations.

PowerPoint Tips – To Get Started

The first thing that you must remember is to whom you are addressing to and what is the theme or topic is about.

Basically, knowing your audience will help you in enhancing your work and with more patience.

1. Know Your Topic and Audience:

Your topic for presentations should include the sum message of what you want to say about.

Checking out the main key points about your topic will help you in getting the most of your presentations.


Neat and clean presentations are not the two main things, it is the content and the way you write that matters the most.

  1. Explaining about your topic in simple points and giving a quick index slide about your whole presentation serves as a great part of engaging your visitors into looking it with more ease.
  2. Highlighting the main topics has always been the best way of grabbing attention to that point, you can ask questions from viewers about the presentations to engage them into your talk.

2. Rehearse (You are not Perfect):

Practice makes a Man Perfect“, it is not practically possible that you cram the exact same words or you don’t have fears regarding your presentation.

I know everyone has fears but practice…practice and practice is the only way that you can overcome any kind of anxiety, nervousness, stage fear, etc.


PowerPoint itself provides you the way to rehearse & master skills.

You would get to know about your mistakes, difficulties while speaking and can slowly overcome it.

PowerPoint Tips to Master in Designing Presentations.

The main and the only thing, “that matters”, content does matters but the way you present your content to your viewers is the key and most important thing that can help you create successful presentations.

Using great quality of fonts, designs, visuals, transitions, animations are all that matters the most.

Here we will discuss one-by-one the most important that must be there in your presentations.

3. Simple and Straightforward Content:

Professional slides contain to the point keywords and content, overloading doesn’t mean that your presentations can outperform others, rather it has a very bad impact on the overall presentation.

Using simple and consistent themes makes the environment more creative for the viewers to get to know about each point in your presentation.

Always keep this thing in mind that less is more effective while making presentations.


Your viewers want the slides to be appealing to them and that too in an easy way.

Overloading your slide will result in distraction and dullness for the viewers.

Remember they will only listen to you or see the content but won’t do BOTH.

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4. Using High-Quality Photos, Visuals, and Info-Graphics:

One of the most appealing and important powerpoint tips for creating best and successful presentations is to use high-quality images and show business workflow infographics.

Educational demonstrations with the help of pictures and visuals will help in giving a nice theme for your presentations.


Your first priority must be to include the best of images and visuals you can to let your viewers know a basic overview of your progress.

5. Using High-Quality, Simple and Fresh Themes or Templates:

Cute, Simple and High-Quality Themes or Templates play a basic and a valuable role in presenting your slides.

You need to first select the basic plot for your presentation and then “Go with the Flow”, your theme should be consistent throughout.

Any change in your theme will result in a sudden loss of contact between the viewers and presenter.


High-Quality themes not only help you get confidence but can also help in building interest for your viewers. Like I have shown simple & sober colored themes are more preferred.

6. Attractive & Relevant Charts:

Charts can put a great influence on the overall look of the presentation, using nice and great quality of charts can help you get a kick out of your competitors.

Make sure that charts are fully appealing and that they must adjust within your theme.

Using pie charts as well as histograms can have a great impact on the theme of the presentation.


Simple, clean as well as colorful charts like I have shown are more pleasing and soothing.

7. Choosing Right and Suitable Fonts:

When it comes to fonts, they play a significant role in addressing viewers in a bad or a good way. When learning about PowerPoint Tips the main focus must be onto how easily readable your content is.

Using modern fonts can help you in attracting viewers about a single topic.


You can download professional fonts for your presentations at Google Fonts. As I have shown bold and nice fonts are the soul of your presentations.

8. Color Theme:

Consistent, playful and descriptive has always been one of the guarding factors for any presentation.

Simple and to the flow use of colors will assist your watchers to focus or to realize the whole topic easily.


If there’s a talk for color themes we here at MyFreeSlides uses the best quality of color themes that will suit your presentations the most, make sure you check them out before creating.

9. Neat & Clean Formatting:

Simple & sober beats the rest”, make sure your points are clear with equal spacing between them, this will give a professional look to it.

Your viewers are here to watch your way of expressing and explaining the whole process or progress.

Watch out this post for neat & clean formatting.

They do not want to read through the lines and lost in between. So give proper spacing between lines.

10. Alignment & Placing:

A smooth going presentation needs to be equally aligned for the proper noting down of the points.

Placing text at the main positions will emphasize people in engaging themselves towards what the presentation is about.


Microsoft PowerPoint provides a nice way for you to add up proper alignment for your text, images, visuals, etc. By holding down shift + select and then choose to Arrange option to Align.

11. Limit Use of Punctuations:

Always limit or use no punctuations at all to your presentations, this is a FORMAL presentation and not family types.

Using these punctuations like “exclamation point” would result in an awkward moment as if you are surprised by your growth. Titles without punctuations look the best.

12. Sound Effects:

One of the best ways and an important PowerPoint Tip where you can engage interest in your viewers about the upcoming product within a presentation.

Modern-day sound effects like that of “Bell” are the best way where you can increase the interest in one’s mind about that specific topic.

I can’t show you this but yes better the sound is the better your presentation will look.

Make sure about the coordination between speech and sound effects.

They together will assist you in making an enjoyable environment for your spectators.

13. Transitions & Animations: (Must Use PowerPoint Tips)

Your spectators want your presentation to be more real and appealing, they want them to speak loud your words.

Transitions help in giving a true and complete touch to your presentation. Look at this presentation that I have made, how cool is it looking with the simplest animations.

Don’t ever think of using flashy and irritable transitions or animations to your presentation.

Download this Colorful Corporate Presentation here.

They are “Bullshit“.

Instead of smooth and serious going the presentation, they will make them funnier so beware of such kind of things.

14. Adding Videos & Clips:

Shorten the time for explaining whole the process repeatedly, use great quality videos to relate your product or service in a way that it can help social upliftment.

Video clips speak up a lot of words about the plot of your presentations, they are like helping hands for your success. You can also make out a video for your viewers from Microsoft PowerPoint.

So make sure that you include video clips next time while making presentations.

15. Using SmartArt & Presenter View:

Microsoft PowerPoint gives a very cool feature of professional smart art tools for creating flowcharts, histograms, hierarchy, and process infographics, etc.

These can be very beneficial in enhancing your theme and make it more personalized.


Presenter view can be one of the useful ways while working and showing your presentation at a time.

You can use custom view tabs to distribute your slides among different clients.

So, what do you think? Which is the most relevant point?

Comment down the PowerPoint tips that you liked the most.

Thanks for reading:)

Are PowerPoint tips necessary?

Creating killer presentations has never been easy and with you been a beginner need to know the exact points to deliver in front of your audience.

What should I mainly focus while creating presentations?

Using smooth & simple themes, transitions & animations with a few sound effects can increase the chances of landing up an extraordinary presentation.

Why do I need them?

Your audience wants to know the exact point of your presentation and would otherwise be bored thereby killing your confidence. Having attractive themes and vibrant colors boost’s your confidence.