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Season Cartoons

Simple Season Google Slides Themes & PowerPoint Templates

MyFreeSlides introduce to you the all-in-one seasonal variations template suitable for marking and presenting the holiday schemes and vacation spots. The given illustration pack has multi-purpose uses for seasons including summer, winter, and fall. The colorful illustrations include bubbly shapes and wonderful mixtures of outlined shadows for easy customization. The summer seasons enhance the warmth, calmness, and color hues for improving audience retention whereas winter illustrations are more dark focused with a cool look.

The given theme is basically a general illustration pack for seasonal and weather forecasts and also for multi-purpose uses having varied concepts including happy moments and all.

Editorial Concepts include:

  • Bold fonts having season names
  • Colorful shapes including rainbow, clouds, hurricanes and many more

Main Features of this Seasonal Changes PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes: 

  1. Title Slide: you can put a catchy and attractive title here with an attractive background picture of the topic
  2. About Your Topic: this will help you explain the theme, suggestion or argument regarding a topic, make sure to add short points to it.
  3. Explain Your Topic: explain and interact with your viewers about a part of the discussion with the images as an additive element.
  4. Picture Slides: describe the topic by adding only images, visuals or process info-graphs.
  5. Differences Slides: give differential slides about your product (pros and cons)
  6. Images Differences: explain differences by adding up visuals.
  7. Table Comparison: Slides For Comparison by Table Styles (Differences slides)
  8. About Section: here you can add a thank you slide with your bio.
  9. Review Concept Slide: address the main points of your presentation.