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Three Subject Basic Design Infographic-001

Design a professional three topic report for multi-purpose uses like medical, carpentry, meetings, etc. The base template has an awesome shape-infographic look to make your presentations look gorgeous and smart. Make sure to add relevant info to create a better impact on the audience.

Main Features of this Infographic Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides:

  1. Base SlideThere are two different Variant slides with awesome Graphics, shapes and customization text boxes.
  2. Project Name: Get started with the professional and editable icons, placeholders, and other elements to get started with your theme project.
  3. Explain Your Topic: explain the topic with short segments and reinforce the main concept by adding more slides.
  4. Themes: use the included dark theme for showcasing your key points, also the base colors can be easily changed via Powerpoint & Google Slides Templates.
  5. Aspect ratio: these slides are well presented and made in 16:9 format which is suitable for various official work.